Lufthansa reveals new Allegris product, with 14 different seat options — including first-class double beds

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Lufthansa is launching all new long-haul cabins with an impressive 14 different seating options on one type of aircraft — from economy right up to true international first class — and one of the widest beds in the skies.

TPG attended a press event in Berlin where the German airline unveiled its long-awaited “Allegris” concept. It will install new interiors from top-to-tail in more than 100 long-haul aircraft. Beginning in September 2023, newly delivered Boeing 787-9s will feature 28 seats in business class (including four business suites), 28 premium economy seats and 231 economy seats (including 34 with extra legroom).

The new first-class suites will debut in early 2024 on the Airbus A350-900 aircraft. They will feature three first-class suites, 28 business class seats, 24 premium economy seats and 201 economy class seats (22 with extra legroom). This will be the first time there is a first-class product on an A350 aircraft. The product will also be featured on the forthcoming 777X aircraft and retrofitted on the existing Boeing 747-8 fleet.

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Why so many different seating options? Lufthansa says the product centers around the concept of “the most personalized travel experience” the airline has ever offered. This allows passengers to choose a travel experience that best suits their needs and budget.

With a dizzying array of new options, let’s dive into Allegris.


First class

At the front of the A350-900 aircraft, there will be a single row of three first-class suites in a 1-1-1 configuration; seats will feature the signature Lufthansa maastricht blue color with two different seating options. All three suites are fully enclosed — similar to Emirates’ new first class product — with floor-to-ceiling walls and sliding doors creating excellent privacy and personal space. There will be no overhead bins in first class to further enhance the feeling that there is more space between the high walls.


Of most excitement is the middle first-class suite. Dubbed the ‘Suite Plus,’ two passengers can travel together in one double seat, allowing them to dine together facing each other companion style and then recline their seats to watch a movie together. Need more? The seat also turns into a 4.6-foot wide double bed for two passengers to share.

This will be arguably the second most luxurious product in commercial aviation, behind The Residence found on Etihad’s Airbus A380 aircraft.

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Solo passengers can book the Suite Plus to travel alone for extra space. Pricing and mileage availability are still to be determined.

Lufthansa first class has long been a bucket-list favorite product here at TPG, both because you can book it using points and miles and because it offers an incredible ground experience in Lufthansa’s first class terminal (which includes a ride to the plane in a private luxury vehicle from the lounge to the terminal).


Business class

One of the biggest innovations comes in the business-class cabins, where passengers will finally be able to say goodbye to the outdated 2-2-2 seating. All passengers will be able to enjoy direct aisle access, wireless charging, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to heat and cool each seat individually. Allegris business class will have an astonishing seven options in one cabin.

The options will be as follows:

  1. Suites in the first row (double suite inside, single suites by the window).
  2. Extra-space seat.
  3. Window seat.
  4. Seat with an extra long bed measuring more than 7 feet.
  5. Privacy window seat with baby bassinet.
  6. Double seat. (In the last row of business class, two neighboring seats with a smaller distance between them can be combined to form a double berth using a retractable center console.)
  7. Regular seat.
Lufthansa Allegris business class seat map. LUFTHANSA

While only a few seats were on display at Tuesday’s launch event in Berlin, the first impressions were great. The front-row business suites have high walls with tall sliding doors, creating more privacy than British Airways Club Suite.


There are also two “throne seats” with additional storage reminiscent of those seen on other airlines, including Scandinavian Airlines and SWISS. These will be ideal for passengers who want extra space to stretch out and a productive workday while enjoying the food and beverage offerings.


Premium economy

In premium economy class, the airline is moving away from seats that recline back into the space behind. Instead, the Allegris premium economy seats have a fixed-back shell — the same seat SWISS recently introduced. They are arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration with 39 inches of legroom, a 15.6-inch IFE screen and wireless charging.

The fixed shell design is polarizing amongst frequent flyers. Some love that the passenger in front will not encroach into their personal space when they recline their seat. Others dislike how the seat slides forward when reclined because it can reduce legroom and make for uncomfortable sleeping.


TPG tested out the recline of the new seat briefly during the reveal. While the space around the calves is tight when fully reclined with the legrest raised, the seat is well-padded and comfortable in the reclined position. The seats felt solid, well-made and surprisingly heavy, given how important weight is for fuel burn.


Economy class

Economy class passengers have four different seating options. Regular seats have an industry-standard 31 inches of legroom from seat manufacturer Recaro. The first three rows of the economy cabin are dubbed “Additional Comfort,” with an extra three inches of legroom.


For a surcharge, passengers can choose a ‘”neighbor vacant” option; this means an empty seat is free next to them, and they can utilize a tray table to cover the seat for extra space and storage. If you have flown intra-Europe business class on British Airways, Lufthansa or Air France, you will already be familiar with this setup.

Those looking for even more space — especially those traveling with small children — will appreciate Lufthansa’s innovative Sleeper Seat. It has improved, with a second-generation version providing a flat surface from seatback to seat front, so there is more space to stretch out and rest. Pricing for the Sleeper Seat is still to be advised, though Lufthansa currently charges between 159 euros and 229 euros ($170 and $243) per leg.


Bottom line

The sheer amount of seating options on one aircraft is an exciting development for Lufthansa. The business- and first-class products significantly improve the current Lufthansa passenger experience, and the Suite Plus looks like one of the most luxurious in commercial aviation.

The Allegris products have been developed “exclusively for the Lufthansa Group,” meaning passengers may also see these cabins introduced across SWISS, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines.

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